101 ways to make good website or blog

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Text Link Advertising

Text Link AdsText Link Ads (aff.) - The leader in paid text link ads.
LinkWorth - Keep up to 70% of the ad revenue.
Text Link Brokers - Make money buy selling links in a directory on your site.
Live Customer - Static HTML ads with flat monthly rates.
LinkAdage - Matches advertisers with publishers
Direct-Link-Ads - Keep up to 75% of the ad revenue.
PaidTextLinks - A smaller text link program.
Kontera - Create contextual links automatically.
AdSter - Customize your ads to match your website.
Vibrant Media - Vibrant in-text advertising.
TextAd.biz - Basic text ad service.
SearchFriendlyAds - Not live yet.
YzMedia - Another text link option.

Direct Sales

KickStartCart - A shopping cart, merchant account and marketing tools.
PayPalPayPal - One of the lowest-cost choices for selling your own products.
EasyStoreCreator - Provides a package that includes hosting, merchant account integration, and shopping cart.
1ShoppingCart - Offers different packages with marketing tools, shopping carts and merchant accounts.
ASecureCart - An affordable shopping cart service
NetSuite - Full e-commerce option.
GotShoppingCart? - Free version available.
3D Cart - Includes marketing, statistics and more.
Americart - 30-day risk-free trial.
MonsterCommerce - Full of features.


Google AdSense - AdSenseThe industry leader.
Yahoo Publisher Network - Yahoo’s AdSense alternative.
Chitika - eMiniMalls is not a typical PPC program, it is different kind of pay-per-click product promotion.
Kanoodle - A second-tier PPC option as opposed to Google and Yahoo.
Ads-Click - You set the price per click for ads showing on your site.
AdBrite - Control and customization options.
ABC Search - Another 2nd-tier option.
BidVertiser - Large network PPC program.
Clicksor - Contextual ads program.
Qads - Ad program from Qumana.
PeakClick - Pays in Euros.
DoubleClick - Another targeted PPC
RevenuePilot - Keep 60% of the revenue.
Search Feed - Another option for targeted PPC ads.
Targetpoint - For publishers of all sizes.
OneMonkey - Keep 80% of the revenue.
Miva MC - PPC ads plus the option for contextual PPD ads.
ClickBooth - Claims to have the highest payout in the industry.

Banner Ads

AdEngage - Not a typical banner ad, the’re photo ads with text.
AdDynamix - Also offers other options besides just banners.
BannerBoxes - Your keep 75% of the revenue from each click.

Affiliate Programs

Commission Junction - One of the leaders. Manages affiliate programs for all kinds of products.
Click Bank - All downloadable affiliate products.
LinkShare - Claims to be the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network.
Azoogle Ads - Also claims to be the largest performance-based online advertising network.
Amazon - One of the oldest and most successful affiliate programs.
Context Links for Amazon’s Affiliate Program - Auto creates affiliate links to Amazon’s products.

Paid Reviews

ReviewMe - Get paid to review other websites and blogs.
PayPerPost - Make money writing about website, products, services and companies.

Parked Domains

Revenue Direct - Make money from a parked domain.
Parked - Another option for parked domains.


The News Room - Make money by placing news items on your site.
Tribal Fusion - Represents the advertising for selectively approved websites.
IndustryBrains - Has a few different options that would fall into various categories above.
Adknowledge - Options for email, web, and search engine inventory.
Yesadvertising - Lots of options, including contextual ads, email, banners and pop-unders.
ValueMedia - Several different options, including video.
Auction Ads - Make money by displaying Ebay items.
IntelliTXT - Contextual ads that include video.
PremierAd - Lots of different options. You keep 80% of ad revenue.
BurstMedia - A variety of different options.
Advertising.com - Multiple options, including video ads.
Openads - Online advertising software.
Casale Media - You choose what type of ads you want on your site.
VC Media - CPC or CPM options.
Ads by RSS - Places ads on your website, using RSS.
AdSpaceAuctions - Sell ad space on your website through an auction.
TextMarks - Monetize your blog with text message alerts.

Sell Ad Space

AdSonar -Provide content-targeted ads.
BlogAds - You control the ads that appear on your site.
Crisp Ads - name your price for direct sponsors.
ADSDAQ - Choose your asking price for ads and ADSDAQ matches you with advertisers.
AdVolcano - Set your own prices and ad sizes.

RSS Feed Monetization

Pheedo - PPC for RSS feeds.
PostPostWordPress Plugin - Display affiliate links or ads before or after your feeds (other uses beside just advertising).
Feedvertising - Runs txt link ads in your feed.
FeedBurner Ads - feedburnerIf you use FeedBurner’s services for distributing and tracking your feeds, you also have the option of using their advertising services in your feeds.
MediaFed - Automatically inserts ads into your feed.
FeedShow - Puts PPC ads into your feed.
Fedafi Publishing Network - Monetize your feed with the Fedafi WordPress plugin.
Yahoo Publisher Network - PPC ads in your feeds.

Job Boards

Joards - Put a job board on your site and keep 75% of the revenue.
Job-a-matic - Another option for making money with a job board.

WP Plugins

AdSense-Deluxe - Embed AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network ads into your blog.
AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System - A plugin for blogs that have multiple writers. Let each of your writers make money from ads on their own posts.
AdSense Injection - Inject AdSense ads throughout an existing blog.
Google AdSense Referral Rotator Plugin - Make money by referring other users to AdSense.
Amazon Media Manager - Easily ad Amazon affiliate products to your blog.
WP-Amazon - Quickly search for products and add Amazon affiliate links while writing your posts.
Last Amazon Review Plugin - Displays your most recent review of a product listed on Amazon and includes your Amazon affiliate link.
Text Ads Link Widget for WordPress Sidebar - A simple widget that makes it easy to display text ads in your sidebar.
WPAds Plugin - Show and rotate ads on your blog.
AdRotator Plugin - Randomly rotates ads that you choose.
WP E-commerce Shopping Cart Plugin - Creates a shopping cart with tons of features and options for your WP blog or website.
EasyPayPal WordPress Plugin - Integrates your blog and your PayPal account to accept donations or fees.
Buy Me a Beer Plugin - Accept donations from your readers by asking them to buy you a beer (or coffee) if they liked your post.
CafePress - Sell your own products on your blog.
YAK - Simple shopping cart plugin.

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